Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday Greetings, Bottle of Wine

Dear Mom,

If you had stayed among us mere mortals, you’d be 64 today. I imagine you’re cavorting with the angels and having a grand fête of your own you never did go anywhere without taking the party with you and I’m sure your brand of heaven has Original Wheat Thins and spreadable cheddar, too.

Well we don’t want you to celebrate without us, so first thing this morning we’re going to blast When I’m 64 really loudly on the stereo; I hope you can hear it because I know it’s one of your favorite Beatles songs.

When we get to church, I’ll light a candle for you; I do that almost every Sunday now, but I’ll make a special wish today. Right before communion, your grandkids will put a dollar in the offering plate in your honor, since that’s the birthday tradition at St. Stephen’s. After the service, we’ll go to Guaymas and order those grilled shrimp you always loved.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we have a dozen Sterling roses for you. Can you smell that amazing scent from where you are? Your whole paradise is probably filled with that fragrance. To top everything off, we’ll pop open a bottle of White Star, your bubbly of choice. I’ll probably have your glass if you don’t finish it.

And one last thing, just in case you were wondering about the answer to that question the Beatles keep asking in their song, we DO still need you…

Happy Birthday Marmay, with love,


  1. I can see all the guests gathering with you today. I'm sure even Jerry Fallwell has been invited because everyone always is welcome into your home....and we both know the Moral Majority is neither, but I'm sure you've convinced him of that. And for those passing by, I'm positive you'll simply throw candy canes out the window and invite them in.
    I can hear the soundtrack playing at your celebration....the laughter, the love of music you shared with us all; singing Age of Aquarius as we drove up the Mt Rose Hwy on Adrien's first visit to Tahoe. You have a way of making ordinary days auspicious occasions. You always told me I inherited your memory, but in retrospect you simply created so many memorable moments.
    I look forward to meeting all your new friends next time I see you. As MH so eloquently wrote, we DO still need you. You did a remarkable job preparing us for anything we would encounter in life, except missing you.
    Happy Birthday Mom!
    Love, Jonathan

  2. She's a lucky mom to have you two kids.

  3. lovely thoughts, so sparsely expressed. just right.